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Hair Color Wax

Hair Color Wax

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Temporary Hair Color Wax That Washes Off In A Single Shower.     

Get An Instant Color Upgrade That Washes Out 😍 

Don't Waste Months with Permanent Hair Dye.

Try A New Color Every Day Of The Week !!!               

Suitable For Hair Type : Any Hair Type

Instant Hair Color Wax, Temporary Hairstyle Cream

Instant Hair Color Wax, Temporary Hairstyle Cream, Temporary hair color wax

1. Ideal for Halloween, Cosplay, Party, Christmas gift.

2.Enjoying everyday life with your unique hairstyl at home instead of going salon.

3. To be unique and stylish but acceptable to everyone just in minutes!


How To Use : Remember to wash your hair first, and wait until your hair is completely dry after washing. Take an appropriate amount of hair mud on the palm of your hand and rub it evenly, then gently pat on the hair, and gently push out the texture along the lines of the hair!

All the colors are made with natural ingredients and work on all types of hair :

  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS : Made of plant extracts, no scalp irritation, environmentally friendly, and no harm to your health
  • STYLING & COLORING at the same time : An easy-to-use water-based styling wax that you can be molded, shaped, and sculpted while dyeing your hair silver/gray.
  • INSTANT HAIR COLORING : Good solution, like dying hair in different colors. Easy to color, easy to wash, strong without damage to hair, no stick.
  • REFRESHING UNISEX FRAGRANCE : This Silver gray hair Wax is a fresh scent that works well for a man or woman and won’t dominate your day.
  • DIY YOUR HAIRSTYLE : You can enjoy new hair designs every day at home instead of Solon


While the pink hair color wax can be used standalone, if you're planning to mix and match some colors - then we recommend the following pairing:

1. Purple Hair Wax works well with pink when you're doing streaks of color. Alternate between these two colors to make your look stand out.

2. Green Hair Wax can be used with pink if you have curls or wavy hair. Works best on lighter hair tones.

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