Car Interior Cleaning Gel | Multiple Uses Gel - Amaz Bazaar

Car Interior Cleaning Gel | Multiple Uses Gel - Amaz Bazaar

Car Wash Interior Car Cleaning Gel

Cleaning gel for car is perfect for cleaning the nooks and crannies in your auto. Car gel cleaner is super great to get into the vents and little crevices on the car air vents, steering wheels, console panel, storage bins, cup holder, door handles, dashboards to pick up the dirt.

1. Safe, non-toxic, no trace, no damage to the surface, fragrance
2. No residue, keep hands clean, good disinfection effect
3. According to the cleaning agent on the surface to be cleaned, it can actually absorb the dust and dust in the crevices, do not go anywhere
4. Experiments show that it can effectively kill common bacteria
5. Mandatory use of public computers, clean and safe, suitable for all surfaces. The best partner for cleaning electronic devices
6. Can be used multiple times until the color of the cleaner becomes darker

Easy to Use : Just press the car vent cleaner on and the dirt is gone. Push auto detail gel into any little cracks and the crud sticks and pulls back out! You can also press the dust gel cleaner car slightly on the keyboard surface and then pull out the auto cleaning detail slowly, the dust would be carried away with the laptop cleaner.

Reusable : Gel for cleaning car could be used for several times till the color of the air vent cleaning kit turn to dark. When cleaning finished, just put the keyboard cleaning gel back in box and keep in cool place.

Safe and Eco-friendly : Auto cleaning gel is made of biodegradable gel material. Cleaning glue for car is safe to your skin and friendly to the environment. Auto interior cleaner removes all dust and debris and leaves no residue.

Multiple Uses : Automotive putty is also useful for home and office, PC computer keyboard cleaner and other rugged surface cleaning such as printer, cell phone, calculator, TV remote and furniture. The suitable surface must be water resistant, or the dust removal for car would stick to it

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